FEBRUARY 19 – 24, 2024


Neither the wind nor the rain managed to stop the great kickoff of our Temptation Caribbean Cruise 2024. With a spectacular view of downtown Miami and a privileged location, we welcomed the 200 passengers who joined us at our pre-boarding gathering for our fully booked cruise. On a highly enjoyable evening, animated by DJ Moe Green, we had the opportunity to socialize with this small group of guests.

The big boarding day arrived, with fresh winds and some clouds, yet the reception of over 1800 passengers was carried out smoothly and in record time. All organized groups were present, along with new cruisers and old friends who have never missed any of our cruises. On board, the Temptation Caribbean Cruise 2024 team hurried with setup and final details to ensure everything started on time with our presentation of the team responsible for creating the perfect atmosphere. With a line-up of special guests and unparalleled talent to date, we embarked on the journey that featured daily sexuality workshops, sometimes with fully packed double sessions; our pre-boarding gatherings, very fun and energetic, allowed interaction among attendees. The pool was, obviously, the most popular spot, where our Playmakers used their best games to make the fun exceptional, all while our line-up of headliner DJs delighted us with different music styles, from Mashups, House, Pop, Dance, Edm, Reggaeton, to Salsa and Cumbia.

Leaving the majority fully satisfied, after delightful dinners and cocktails, they prepared to be enchanted by the great performances of our pianist Jen Porter, who set the stage for our theater shows, where grand productions, concerts, and exclusive performances left us breathless to continue with themed nights; whether setting the atmosphere in the grand centrum and martini bar; the casino nights were busy and several had luck on their side. As the night progressed, the pool deck shone again with our themes and DJ sets by Encore, DJ Tatiana, Steve Smooth, Roland DJ, Mauro Mc, who whether at the after party or on the pool deck set, kept us dancing non-stop.



That and more was our day-to-day, where the true stars were you, our TEMPTATION CRUISERS! Without you, without your energy, and without being yourselves, unfiltered and unmasked, this vibe wouldn’t be the same. Thanks to our Sexpert’s Liv Love, Davia Frost, Kate Shellor, Dr. Jess. To each and every member of the Celebrity crew, thank you for such a great cruise.


We can only strive to be more for you! See you in 2025!


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